2015-2017 School Plan

Grays Point School Plan (pdf 164 KB)Our school's total student enrolment is 390 from Kindergarten to Year 6.  All classes are staffed by qualified teachers ranging from New Scheme to very experienced.  The school has a Reading Recovery position (0.32) who will also assume the role of Learning and Support Teacher (0.6) over the course of the week, a specialist teacher/librarian (0.8), two RFF teachers  and a specialist school counsellor, one day a week (Monday).  We also have a full time School Administration Manager (SAM) and School Administration Officer (SAO) with another SAO (0.4.)The school has a general assistant for two days per week and we also have a school chaplain for 3 days per week.   The school is situated in the wonderful setting of a corner of the Royal National Park and is proactive in leading the community in our pursuit of continuous improvement.   Grays Point Public School enjoys high standing within the community and has established a high level of trust and support.  The school has a dedicated, collaborative and experienced staff, proactive in developing themselves professionally and building effective relationships with students, families, colleagues and the wider community. The school is proud of its positive connections with the active P&C Association.


From 2015-2017 Grays Point Public School has identified 3 main priorities for improvement. They are to:

  1. build a dynamic educational culture
  2. enhance teacher and leadership capacity
  3. promote community connections

Download the Grays Point PS School Plan (pdf 140 KB)