Our school

Grays Point Public School is committed to achieving quality outcomes for all students. Strong student welfare programs assist or support students in reaching their true potential. Staff are experienced, dedicated and well supported by the community. The school enjoys a strong reputation for academic, cultural and sporting excellence within its local community and beyond. Located in a unique bush setting in the Royal National Park, the school features well equipped and modern classrooms, a computer laboratory and library.

With the Building the Education Revolution (BER) we had a new hall and canteen relocation and refurbishment added to the infrastructure of the school.  The hall is a wonderful addition and enables our students to meet for assemblies, play sports such as table tennis, perform and practice dance, do experiments and also allow the community to use it 'after hours'.   The school has added wiring to enable data projection displays to the infrastructure of the hall which makes for a fantastic venue to display our technology skills. The new canteen has enabled us to move this important function to the centre of the school allowing for safer access for students and is conveniently located next to our flourishing vegetable garden.